• You can measure your foot's length on an A4 paper. Trace your feet (longest toes and heel especially). Hold your marker upright while tracing.



    • Draw lines passing the top and bottom points of the feet parallel to the paper's top and bottom respectively.

        • Finally, measure the distance between the two lines in centimeters. Remember to hold the scale perpendicular to the two lines. And also look at the scale from exact top of the paper while reading to avoid measurement errors.


          • Now you can look at the size chart for your feet's measurement and map it to the shoe's size standard (EU or UK or US). In the example shown above 27.5 cm would be 44 EU size. If the measurement falls in between two sizes, then generally it is better to go for the larger size.
            • Some shoes like the ones with mesh fabric upper can stretch a bit. So you may go for a lower size.